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Time to stop tinkering

Chicken shed on wheels, Barham

Chicken shed on wheels, Barham


OK I have got to stop tinkering with this website.

For the moment anyway.

I feel strangely nervous about going public though most of my good friends already know my stuff. But there are those that only know the IT side of me. I should have been a gemini – if I believed in all that stuff. Anyway one of the reasons for updating my website was because I want to be able to blog from Ethiopia. A difficult time to be going to that country as a relatively affluent western tourist – feeling a bit nervous about that too but cancelling now is not going to help anyone.

In the future I want to add archive stuff from my time as a photographer in the 80s but that will have to wait a while. Then maybe a glasto archive and the dance stuff I did with Extemporary Dance in the late seventies.

I welcome your comments and suggestions. Or commissions. And everything is for sale of course.

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Post Glastonbury 2011

Leftfield tent beyond a sea of mudSeems like an age since we got back from Glastonbury. It was fun as ever but I confess it gets more exhausting as I get older – especially when there is mud and there was plenty this year. The car parks seem to get further away each year – must have been two miles with a double trolley load to get Marianne’s extensive wardrobe to the tent. Who thought it was fair to let all the chattering classes with their single decker bus sized Winnebagos and all mod con caravans park nearer the entrance than the poor punters carrying everything on their backs?

Anyway it was good to meet up with old mates, eat lots of good food and shelter from the rain in the excellent Tadpole Stage tent. Heard some damn fine music too despite – or maybe because – I rarely ventured near the Pyramid or Other stage. I am putting together some of the photos which you can find under the Galleries menu at the top of the page.

I am looking forward to a year off in 2012 though….

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At long last technical problems with my webpages seem to be over. Very soon everything should be back up and running with additional content too.

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