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Camels, camels and more camels

Last leg of the journey now and we are staying outside Dese before beginning the final 400Km to Addis. There is an internet connection here but no way of getting photos uploaded. I will do that tonight from Addis. Since leaving Gondor we have been to Lalibela to see the rock hewn churches which are pretty amazing.
We have done lots of shoulder dancing to traditional Ethiopian music but with contemporary lyrics mainly about funny ferenji dancing badly – I believe. Great food and again fantastic people everywhere. The begging does get a bit wearing but I will write more about that when there is time.
Yesterday we drove up to nearly 4000m and then down to just abouve 2000m. Went through cloud and rain with locals clad in hides and woolly hats down to the hot steamy forests where there are camels galore and monkeys and …mosquitos again! Our drivers have been fantastic not only in their driving skills but also for putting up with us lot.

Group dynamics now getting a bit challenging as we are all tired but I think we shuld make it back to the UK without getting physical. That is if the UK isn’t burnt to a cinder. Honestly I turn my back for a few days and the whole country goes up in flames….