Time to stop tinkering

Chicken shed on wheels, Barham

Chicken shed on wheels, Barham


OK I have got to stop tinkering with this website.

For the moment anyway.

I feel strangely nervous about going public though most of my good friends already know my stuff. But there are those that only know the IT side of me. I should have been a gemini – if I believed in all that stuff. Anyway one of the reasons for updating my website was because I want to be able to blog from Ethiopia. A difficult time to be going to that country as a relatively affluent western tourist – feeling a bit nervous about that too but cancelling now is not going to help anyone.

In the future I want to add archive stuff from my time as a photographer in the 80s but that will have to wait a while. Then maybe a glasto archive and the dance stuff I did with Extemporary Dance in the late seventies.

I welcome your comments and suggestions. Or commissions. And everything is for sale of course.

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  1. Paulus Cokayne 27th July 2011 at 7:44 pm #

    Have a really fantastic time.
    Keep us posted – we’re off to the woods for a couple of days. xxx

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